We have set prices for many of our regular destinations like airports, seaports and stations. We do not charge extra for unsociable hours for any of these transfers. You can check the price before you book by using our online booking & quote form.

All other journeys are calculated on mileage and in some circumstances, on both mileage and time.
In general the tariffs below will give you an idea of the rates we charge and any waiting time.
Even these are discounted as, the further you travel the more the mileage rate decreases.

In any case you can contact us directly, during office hours, for a no obligation quote for any transfer.
Tariff 1
Applicable between 06:00 - 23: 00 Monday to Sunday
Equivalent to £2.00 per mile approx.
Waiting time is charged at £6.75 per 15 mins or part thereof. (0.45p per minute).

Tariff 2 - Equivalent to Tariff 1 + 25%
Applicable between 23:00 - 06:00 Monday to Sunday + all bank/public holidays +
18:00 - 24:00 on Christmas Eve + 18:00 - 23:00 on New Years Eve
Equivalent to £2.50 per mile approx.
Waiting time is charged at £8.25 per 15 mins or part thereof. (0.55p per minute).

Tariff 3 - Equivalent to Tariff 1 + 50%
Applicable all day between 00:00 on Christmas Day to 24:00 on Boxing Day +
23:00 on New Years Eve to 24:00 New Years Day
Equivalent to £3.00 per mile approx.
Waiting time: 9.50 per 15 mins or part thereof. (65p per minute).

Waiting time:

Airports/Seaports: A grace period of 60 minutes is allowed after craft has landed/docked before waiting time is charged.
We always monitor aircraft arrivals to the best of our ability, given the information available. Seaports, rail and coach timing are not quite so reliable.
All other pick ups: A grace period of 15 minutes is allowed before waiting time is charged.

Please note; after the grace period has been exceeded, the full waiting time will be charged from the agreed pick up time.
For example, if the grace period is 15 minutes and you arrive to meet the driver/vehicle 10 minutes after this, the full 25 minutes will be chargeable. If you meet your driver anytime between the pick up time and grace period, you will not be charged extra.
Please see our faq's and terms and conditions.

Day rates - all day or part day hire:

Certain journeys may be charged on a 'day rate' basis. See our day rates page for these.

Base Rate Charge
Please be aware that our minimum charge at present is £20 for any job undertaken regardless of how short the distance or time. Please see our faq's and terms and conditions for more on this.

Holiday office hours
Although we provide a 24/7 hours 365 day operation in the main, our services and office hours may vary over certain holiday periods like Christmas/New Year and possibly Easter. This will be dependent on supply and demand.
Our normal office opening times can be found on the contact us page, For holiday times, please visit our holiday office opening and operating times

Simply put, if you need a booking over a holiday period it is best to book well in advance as we may not be able to fulfill last minute bookings. However, as always, we will always try our best to accommodate you.

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