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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer here, or feel that there could be other relevant questions and answers here, please contact us, we would be happy to answer any concerns you have and also include your suggestions here.

Flight delays or cancelations?

If your flight is delayed, or cancelled for any reason or you are travelling at a later date or time, please try to inform us as soon as you are aware of the problem. As long as we are aware, you will avoid any waiting time charges.

If you are travelling on a different flight or wish us to meet you at a different time, day or at a different airport instead, we will do our best to uphold your request. This will depend on having the resources and are able to manage our other scheduled trips.
There is no extra charge for this providing we are kept informed and have not already dispatched a car to meet you. 

Likewise, if you need to cancel your trip, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid any charges.

We are aware that it is not always your fault when flights have been cancelled, diverted or delayed. We do our best to monitor flight arrivals etc. given the available resources.

Unfortunately, these resources are not always reliable. In our experience, when a flight has been delayed or diverted, it becomes very difficult to track it. We are sometimes unable to get up to date information as to their status from the airports direct, or from their websites.

In these circumstances, you, as the passenger, will usually be the best informed to keep us updated with your eventual departure/arrival time. However, once a driver has been dispatched/or has arrived and waited for the allotted time, a fee will be due.

Keeping us up to date allows us to operate more efficiently and work around the delays and hopefully get to you when you eventually land. So If at all possible, please phone, text or email us to avoid any extra charges.

See 'charges & Refunds' below and our terms & conditions

Recommended airport transfer times

As a guide for journeys to airports from the Stevenage area, we recommend a minimum lead time as follows:
Luton 30 Mins Duumy
Stansted 60 Mins Dummy
LHR T2, T3 & T5 70 Mins Dummy
LHR T4 80 Mins
Gatwick N & S95 Mins Dummy
London City 75 Mins Dumyy
These times will obviously be affected by a number of factors, the time of day, adverse weather, and any other unforeseen events (accidents or road works) Please contact us nearer your travel time if you have any concerns.

For guidance on lead times for other destinations, please contact us.

Airports - Where will I meet my driver?

If the airport has a dedicated pick up point that charges around £3.00 for 10 or 15 minutes, your driver will meet you there.
Fees for these zones are included in the set prices for airport runs. Your driver will text or call you with details of his vehicle etc. when he is at the airport. When you have your luggage and are on your way to the pick up zone, contact your driver and let him know. He will then drive round to meet you

If you prefer us to meet you in arrivals, we offer a 'meet & greet' service for which a fee will be applicable. Please see our airport prices  from the main menu.

For 'meet and greet' your driver will have a board/tablet with your name/company clearly displayed on it
Our normal meeting points are:
For Meet & Greet
LHR T2 & T3  Front of Boots chemist
LHR T4 & T5  Front of Costa coffee
Luton  Front of Costa coffee
Gatwick North  Front of Costa coffee
Gatwick South  Front of Costa coffee
Stansted  Front of Costa coffee
London City
Meeting Place
LHR T2 & T3 In front of Boots chemist
LHR T4 & T5 In front of Costa coffee
Luton Drop-off/pick-up area outside
Gatwick North In front of Premier Inn
Gatwick South In front of Hilton Hotel
Stansted Drop-off/pick-up area outside
London City
Meeting Place For Meet & Greet
London Heathrow T2 & T3 In front of Boots chemist  London Heathrow T2 & T3In front of Boots chemist
London Heathrow T4 & T5 In front of Costa coffee  London Heathrow T4 & T5In front of Costa coffee
Luton Drop-off/pick-up area outside  LutonIn front of Costa coffee
Gatwick North In front of Premier Inn  Gatwick NorthIn front of Costa coffee
Gatwick South In front of Hilton Hotel  Gatwick SouthIn front of Costa coffee
Stansted Drop-off/pick-up area outside  StanstedIn front of Costa coffee
London City  London City
We will try in most instances to provide the drivers mobile number for you in case you have difficulty locating him. It would also be very helpful if you can supply us with a mobile number for you or your representatives so we may contact them in case of difficulties.

Please let us, or your driver  know, if possible, if you are delayed more than usual in customs or baggage reclaim.

For other airports, seaports, railway, coach & bus stations we will arrange a pick up point with you either when you book or when we drop you off there.

Please remember to switch on your mobile phone on arrival/landing and check to see if you have received any messages from your driver before contacting our office, especially if it is an out of hours pick up.

If you are unable to find or make contact with your driver in the allotted time after landing, please contact us on our main office number.

Return Sea, Rail and Coach Pick-ups?

We will arrange with you where to meet on your arrival when you book your journey. If we are doing the outbound journey also, your driver will instruct you where the best meeting point is when we drop you off.

Real time monitoring of these journeys, is not always possible and can be a hit and miss affair in our experience.

If you are delayed or re-routed, please try to keep us informed. You, as the passenger, will usually be the best informed to keep us updated with your eventual departure/arrival time.  So if possible, please try to contact us, or your driver, by email, text or phone.
This will help us with with our schedules, allow us to operate more efficiently and also minimise any additional waiting time for you or your company.

My car is not here. What do I do?

Well, this could be for a number of reasons. Either we have made an error with your booking, or maybe you have supplied us with the wrong information regarding times, dates or addresses. It maybe a vehicle breakdown or just unusually heavy traffic.
However, this is of no consequence to you at this point in time. Obviously, you just need to get to your destination.

For all bookings made, we provide a confirmation via email or SMS. If these methods are not available to you, we can supply written confirmation via post. This we will verify with you upon booking.
It is important to check this confirmation for any errors either supplied by you, or by us, to avoid any mishaps regarding your journey.

If we have not already contacted you to inform you of any delays on our behalf and you have the number for your driver, please try to contact him in the first instance.

If that fails, Please try our main office numbers: +44 (0) 1438 222200 or +44 (0) 3303 501228

Please note: Although we operate a 24 hour service, the office is NOT open 24 hours.
Our normal office hours are between 08:00 and 20:00 hours GMT so we normally only respond to calls which are out of office hours when we know we have a pick up pending.

If you cannot get a response from us, please check your booking. If it was booked by someone on your behalf, please contact them.

Whatever the reason, we will do our utmost to get to you as soon as possible or come to an alternative arrangement which is both agreeable to you and us.

In the event that you have to make other arrangements to get to your destination and the fault lies with us, you will receive a full reimbursement of any payments already made to us.

Not received a reply for a booking or quote?

Whether you book via phone, email or online, we usually send out a booking confirmation. In a few cases clients have reported that they have not received their confirmation. This may be due to several issues:

It could be that you have not supplied an email address or a phone number to contact you.

It could be due to a wrong email address supplied or misspelled. It may be due to an oversight on our part.
Please check that you have supplied your email address correctly. Likewise, please check in your sent items that it has been sent to our correct address.

Please check your junk/spam email box, our messages may be going there, or they may be automatically sent to your deleted box.

Please check your email settings regarding junk or spam emails. To receive our mail you may need to add us to your address book in whatever email client you use. You may also need to add us to your safe senders list.

Corporate customers may also need to add our addresses to their white list. Please contact your IT specialist.

You can add us to your safe senders list by adjusting your email provider/client to accept mails from Executive Transport UK.
If you need help with this, please contact us.

In most instances you should receive a reply almost straight away, at busy times it may take slightly longer.

However, If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours of booking, please contact us.

Our email servers are secure, but should you receive any junk or spam mail purporting to be from Executive Transport UK, please let us know, so we can take action on it. The security of our customers is a priority, as is our company and website security.

Bookings online, automatically accepted?

When you request a booking or a quote online, the job is automatically entered into our system and we also receive an email to notify us wherever we are.

However, although we have the capability to have a fully automated booking and dispatch setup, we approve every request on a manual basis in order to offer a personal service and to provide maximum availability.

When you submit your booking or quote request, the next screen will show your submission details, please print this page for your records. This only confirms that your request has been sent to us.

We will contact you shortly afterwards to confirm whether or not we can accept the booking.
In most instances, your booking request will be accepted, but if it is short notice or during busy times this cannot always be guaranteed. You will be notified either way.

Once your booking is accepted, and if you have supplied the relevant details, you will receive an email to confirm this, which will include a reference number and all of your journey details. Please check this carefully for any errors or omissions and inform us as soon as possible if there are any.
Please also include the booking reference number in any further correspondence, such as changes to itinerary or cancellations.

Dont worry if all the details are not present and correct, we will contact you to iron out any discrepancies.

Please make sure you have supplied the correct email address, and as many other contact options as possible in order for us to contact you. There may be extenuating circumstances where we may have to contact you by landline or mobile.
For example, if the email you have supplied is invalid, or if it is short notice, or we cannot verify your pick up address etc.

If you have not heard back within 4 working hours, or your booking is urgent or before the required 24 hour notice, please contact us by telephone.

Booking confirmation?

If you are booking online or via email, please see the tab above.

We don't send out written booking confirmations simply because if you have booked only 24 hours in advance, the chances are, it won't get to you before your pick up time.

If you request a booking by landline or mobile, we always prefer to provide confirmation via email or SMS of your booking with all the details listed. This usually helps to eliminate any discrepancies in the booking process due to, for instance, wrong dates or times supplied by you, or inputted by us. So, if possible, please supply us with an email address, or mobile number that can receive emails or texts in order to supply this confirmation.

Remember to check your email/text messages after booking in case of any errors in the confirmation details.

If you do not have any internet access/email account and wish us to confirm via a phone call, please supply the relevant details in order for us to contact you.

You are also welcome to check with us, for your reassurance, by phone on the previous day or evening, that your booking is secure.

How do I make a payment?

We offer a wide range of payment options to suit individuals and corporate preferences:

Cash payments can be made on the day of travel direct to your driver. A receipt/invoice can be provided on request.
For return journeys, payments can be made in full on the outbound or on the return journey. You can also elect to pay for each part of your journey separately.

Credit/Debit card - We accept all major cards.

   Over the phone - Just call us and we will process your payment over the phone.
   On the day (in-car) - Please let us know in advance if you wish to pay this way.

Direct Bank Transfer

You can make a transfer from your bank to ours (usually faster payments). Please contact us to arrange this, you will need sort code & account number.


Alternatively, if you are a frequent traveller or a business, you may wish to set up an account with us whereby we can invoice you on a  weekly or monthly basis.


Sorry, we no longer accept cheques.
Only under special circumstances may we be able to offer this option. Please contact us if there is no other option available to you.

Charges and refunds?

Our charges and refunds policy:
Cancellation notice Charges
24 hours+ No charge
12-24 hours 50% of fare
4-12 hours 75% of fare
Less than 4 hours Full fare
Car already dispatched Full fare
From time to time we accept that last minute interruptions and changes to plans may occur. We will, of course, take into account any extenuating circumstances.

Please see our full t
erms & conditions

Waiting time charges?

For address pick ups, there is an allowance of 15 minutes waiting time included in the price quoted, thereafter waiting time may be charged.

For airport/seaport pick ups there is an allowance of 60 minutes after the craft has landed/docked, after which waiting time may be charged. We monitor all flights and cruises where possible and dispatch a vehicle to meet you accordingly.

For trains and coach meets, there is an allowance of 15 minutes included, after which, waiting charges may apply.

Waiting time is charged for every 15 minutes, or part thereof.  Please see our tarriffs for current waiting time charges.

We are aware that it is not always your fault when there are delays or diversions, but if possible, please try and let us know in advance if this is the case. This will help us with our schedules and also minimise any waiting time charges for you or your company.

Please see our Terms & Conditions (Terms of carriage) for more information on this.

Congestion, ULEZ, parking and other tolls

At present the congestion charge for London is £15. This runs from 07:00 to 22:00 every day except Xmas day. 22:00 to 07:00 is free.


The ULEZ charge is currently £12.50. This runs from midnight to midnight every day of the year, except Xmas day.

Please note, if you travel through a ULEZ area before midnight and wish to return after midnight you will be charged twice, £25 in total.


For trips to London this may add up to a total of £65 to your journey cost.


We will plan your journey to and from your destination in order to save you as much money as possible.

For wait and return, we will find a free place to park, if possible.

Regarding your return pick-up it is important that you are prompt and keep to your pick-up time and be waiting in place as instructed by your driver.

Will I be charged for extra pick-ups/drop-offs?

The prices listed on our web pages are for a single pick up and a single drop off from any SG postcode to the listed destination or vice versa.
Currently these only include airports, seaports, rail stations and coach stations.

For any extra pick ups or drop offs, there may be an added charge per stop. This will vary depending on the area and distance between.

For extra pick ups and/or drops in other towns or cities en route, there will obviously be further charges to take into account.
This will depend on how far we have to deviate from the route to the final destination. 
We cannot give a definitive answer here, as we cannot predict every single journey. We will always do our best to offer the best price.

You can get an approximate estimate for your trip by using our online booking and quote page. Please note: At present the listed prices do not include
any toll, congestion, ULEZ or parking charges. The prices quoted will be adjusted accordingly to take any extra charges when we reply to your booking/quote request.

We do not have any hidden charges for any of our services other than listed on our websites. If you are unsure of what the cost will be please contact us.
You can request a quote via email, or call us.

Child car seat. The law?

The latest laws issued by the government for 2017 concerning child seats in vehicles have changed and are fairly complicated.
They take into account height, weight & age. Keeping up with this, especially if you infrequently travel with youngsters, can be quite a task.

Up until now, We have provided the various child seats, but as we cannot carry every single seat dependant on age ,weight, height, and we cannot guarantee the seats supplied will be adequate. We have always advised that the relevant seats should be supplied by the customer in the first instance, and now, due to the new restrictions enforced by the government we will no longer be supplying them.

However, we can still supply booster seats and we will still use your own seats if you wish, we will still store them as usual for the return trip if need be.

The other news is taxis, private hire and coach firms have certain exemption from these laws. Your child may not need a child seat under certain conditions.

Find out more at https://www.gov.uk/child-car-seats-the-rules/when-a-child-can-travel-without-a-car-seat

Price match policy?

Our goal is to supply customer satisfaction, reliability, and professionalism. We also aim to be competitive in the market.

If you have already had a genuine quote from another company for your journey, and they are cheaper than ours, please give us a call. We may be able to provide a better price or at the very least, match the lowest price you have acquired.

This may not always be the case, If the best we can do is a only offer a price price match, you will at least be assured of a superior service to that of our competitors.

Can I open an account?

If you are an individual that travels frequently or a company that has different members of staff all making regular trips, you may find it beneficial to open an account with us.

To open an account with us you can either contact us by telephone or go to our contact us page and select the relevant topic from the dropdown and enter a few details about yourself and we will then contact you to discuss terms and conditions.

Some of the advantages of having an account:
  Preferential rates for frequent travel
  Your own portal to book and manage your travel
  Monthly invoice
  Book trips weeks & months in advance
  There is no charge to open an account

Cookies - What are they?

Our website uses certain cookies to improve your experience when using the website. We also use analytics cookies to monitor how people use the website, with a view to making improvements and making the site more useful.
Please see our terms and conditions and our privacy policy for more on this.

How do I recommemed to my friends, family?

You can recommend us to any of your friends, family or co-workers in the following ways:

The easiest way is by word of mouth.

or by Using your own social network like Facebook or Twitter etc.

Or you can click on our sharing tab at the foot of our web page and select your favourite method of sending our link to your friends or colleagues from there.

Reviews and testimonials

Whatever experience you have had with us, we would love to hear from you. It's really simple and quick to do, just a few clicks and a short message is all it takes. So if you have a few moments to spare, you can leave a review directly through our website.

If you prefer you can simply send us an email or text with your comments.

One other easy way of doing it is to click on the link in our booking confirmation email (a small graphic named 'submit your feedback'), we always send you a confirmation email when you book our services. This will take you to a page within our booking and dispatch software website (Deversoftware). This is a also really simple and quick, just a few seconds of your time.

Either way, we would love to hear your feedback.

Your comments will be included in our testimonial page and on our other advertising directory sites, with your permission of course. No personal details will be displayed in these reviews apart from your name and the approximate area of residence/workplace.

Please see our terms and conditions.
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+We are now closed
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This is mainly due to the covid-19 pandemic and the issues that it has caused.


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